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Wordy Night ahead. The last one was pretty fun, but it's been a while since you've played anything so stinking cute. Head on into This one and get your brain warmed up before the final onslaught of schoolwork. You have a long night of words

It’s almost time for a new This one ! Your friends are coming over to play a new game. Unfortunately, you're not that great at games. This one is going to be a challenge. You could try to steal ideas from other games you like and make your own version of it. Or you could just ask your friends for help. They all know how to play this game, right? So it shouldn’t be hard to get the answers they need. But can you trust them not to give you the wrong information? You need to trust someone, somewhere, but how do you know who to trust? Will you be able to solve this wordy night or will you be stuck on a word? If you want to play along with this This amazing game game

How to play

Controls Drag left mouse button to move a shape.

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