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Word Splice is a word game where you have to combine two words with one of them being the suffix or prefix. There are 2 different modes-Normal mode and Hard mode. In Normal mode, there will be 3 letters given and in Hard mode, it will be four. The objective is to make as many combos as possible by using all three letters at the same time. This game has 22 words starting from A to Z, each with four letter combinations. This game also includes images which can assist you a bit more.. If you are thinking of playing This game for the first time, below are some tips that can help you get

In Word Splice, you will need to combine letters and words in order to spell a word. The more you play the game, the easier it gets! The objective is to create words by connecting any color of adjacent letters. Every time you spell a word, it will disappear from the board and another one will appear. If no word appears after 5 turns, then you lose the game! 

This game is a word game that tests your vocabulary and logical thinking. It’s a 2D logic game with puzzles similar to those in books for kids. The goal of the game is to connect matching letters. The more connected letters you have between two words, the higher your score will get. Word Splice game is a logic word game. This game will test your logical thinking with riddles, clues and word substitution. Challenge your brain with This amazing game. You will get addicted to this word puzzle game in no time! It has over 100 levels of puzzle games for you to unlock. Are you up for the challenge? 

How to play

Controls Press left mouse button to choose a bubble.

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