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About Word Learner

Word Learner is a free word-based game for children. In this cute little arcade game, your child will learn the alphabet and its pronunciation while shooting letters with a bow and arrow! They’ll also be able to practice spelling with the given letters and their corresponding words! This educational game is perfect for children aged 5-7 who are just learning how to read and write. The combination of archery, word puzzles, and secret codes makes it an engaging experience that will help your child master their vocabulary in a playful way. There are four different modes to choose from:

  • Single Player
  • Co-op Player (ideal for siblings or classmates) 
  • Network Player (you can play with other people online) 
  • Word Lists Mode (Perfect if you want to learn specific

This game is a word-finding game that challenges your vocabulary, spelling, and grammar skills. This game offers you a brand new learning experience where the difficulty of each level adjusts based on your performance to give you the most rewarding gaming experience! The game mechanics are simple and easy to understand. You need to find hidden words in an image by spotting letters or groups of letters and reveal them with a mouse click. If you cannot find any more words, use the "HINT" option to get a clue about where they might be hiding! Let’s see how good you are at finding words with This one.

Word Learner is an arcade word knowledge game that challenges your kid to recognize and recall words in the English dictionary. It’s an educational game that helps kids master their spelling skills while having fun. Each correct answer earns you points, and finding the word before the timer runs out will double your score! This one offers a variety of dictionaries, making it ideal for learners at different ages and abilities. 

Word Learner is an arcade game with an educational purpose. The primary target audience are kids who are just learning how to read and spell, but the game is designed in a way that might be appealing even to adults. It’s also appropriate for users of any age with reading and visual disabilities, since there isn’t any text or visuals in this

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