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This is the Wheel of Rewards, the first episode in a series of games that will reward your patience and skill. You’ll start at the very bottom of the wheel, in an obscure land where people are known for their dullness and cynicism. But you’re not like them! You want to be rewarded for your hard work and intelligence, so you’ll need to climb higher and higher on this wheel until you reach the top — and then keep going. At each new level, however, there will be fewer ways of getting what you want. From here on out there are only two outcomes: either you get rewarded, or you don’t get rewarded. 

Playing a game with your family can be one of the most rewarding things you can do. There are so many fantastic games out there that it’s nearly impossible to find something everyone will enjoy playing. Luckily, we’ve already done the work for you and compiled a list of our top 10 family friendly games for this season. Whether you have little ones in your life or would simply like to introduce others to some new gaming experiences, these games are sure to please everyone in your household. With so many great titles available on almost every gaming platform imaginable, it can be difficult to know where to start when looking for new gaming experiences. Fortunately, most of these games are easy enough to find and can be enjoyed by almost anyone in your vicinity at any given time. 

The Wheel of Rewards is a simple concept that’s sure to get your kids excited about playing games and getting rewarded for it! With this app, you will be able to unlock new in-game features by earning virtual prizes. However, unlocking these features will not be easy. You have to complete certain tasks within the game and get awarded with stars in order to unlock the next level. The app contains five different games: Word Search, Sudoku, Quiz, Hangman and Operation. The games are based on similar concepts but they are all different from each other with their gameplay mechanics and scoring system. 

Do you like trivia games? If yes then this is the game for you! Do you love playing word games? If yes, then this is the perfect game for you! Now, create a new account with your email address and name. Then, select your favorite card and tap on the Deal button to begin. The Wheel of Rewards will offer different packs to choose from. You can either purchase them directly or earn them through in-game tasks. Once you’ve finished purchasing all the packs, click on Start Set Up and start tapping away. As we mentioned before, there are different difficulty levels that you can play at. The higher level, the more difficult it will be and the higher reward points it will give! So if your child is just getting started and doesn’t have much experience in word games; this isn’t a good place for him or her to start! Keep trying though because there are many levels and difficulty levels once your child gets better at word games; he or she will be able to unlock even more exciting

Wheel of Rewards is a fun and easy-to-play family word game on your mobile. The goal of the game is to make words by rotating the tiles that are floating above the playing field. Each word will have more points if you make use of synonyms, prefixes and suffixes while making it. There are 10 Levels in this Word Wheel game, each level adding more tricky words. If you can finish Level 8 Word Wheel, then congratulations, you're a master word player! Take turns with your family or friends to see who’s the fastest word maker in the house! And remember - there’s always room for improvement. Keep working at getting better at Word Wheel and don't stop until you reach Level

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