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Love waffles? How about a game that’s all about waffles?! With Waffle Words, you can have all the fun without the carbs. This word search game is all about your favorite breakfast food: waffles! You get to search for as many words as you can find in a grid filled with words related to waffles. It’s super easy and great for gamers of any age. Ready to feed your inner word nerd with some delicious puzzles? 

Wafflest Words is a challenging word search and connect game with a twist. Each puzzle has you connecting words to form meaningful sentences rather than just finding individual words. This unique take on word search makes the challenge much greater and the fun much greater. 

Can you place the letters to make new words and save Waffle? Fun, challenging and exciting word game will keep you hooked! How many levels can you complete? Challenge your friends to beat their score and see who can get more stars!

What’s better than a waffle? A waffle with words and puzzles on it! Yummm. In this waffle-themed word game, you have to find and spell as many words as you can in two minutes. It is so simple, but surprisingly challenging. Don’t worry, we won’t judge you if your first attempt ends in “WAFFLES”. Give it another go, and who knows what new words you might.

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