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About Hangman Plus

If you love solving puzzles and word games, then this challenging hangman game is perfect for you. Hangman Plus is an addictive and challenging new take on the classic hangman game. The rules are the same as you probably remember from your childhood.

In this Hangman Plus edition, you compete with friends to find words. Choose a difficulty level, then guess letters to fill in the correct word. If you get stuck, you’ll be given three choices of what the hidden word could be. Use those clues and find the right word before your time runs out! We have chosen this game because it is an adaption of the classic hangman but with a twist! Instead of just trying to figure out a word by guessing its letters and getting penalized for every incorrect letter, here you also have to compete against your friends as well. 

Hangman Plus is a modern take on the classic Hangman game with new twists and challenges. Instead of a single word, you get a multiple-word phrase. Instead of just watching the man hang, you are tasked with helping him stay alive by guessing letters strategically. The game gets progressively harder as you advance and unlock new locations and characters. 

In this fun hangman game, your task is to guess the correct word. But be careful not to get caught! This tricky fellow will give you 5 chances to uncover letters one by one. If you fail, you’ll be hanged with a noose until your time runs out! Are you ready? 

How to play

Using Mouse

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