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You know that Classic Hangman game where you try to guess the word by looking at its letters one by one? We bring you something similar with some twists. This time you'll have to solve logic puzzles instead of guessing words. It's a more challenging version of the original Hangman, but it'll still help you train your brain and keep your visual skills sharp. Try to complete as many levels as possible before running out of guesses or missing letters that won't let you proceed further. 

Do you know what’s the most popular word puzzle game ? It is Hangman of course. But this time you will have to find the word instead of spelling it. You will have to guess the word by looking at its letters and not spelling them. Sounds hard? PopularClassic Hangman game, now available in HTML5. 

Enjoy this classic hangman game in a vintage-style, with you as the puzzle master! Test your knowledge of words and their meanings by letting your friends guess them in the correct places. You can also change things up a bit by asking your friends to guess a letter instead of a word. This Hangman game utilizes HTML5 technology and works in all modern browsers. If you cannot see the game, perhaps it is because of your browser or because you have disabled autoplay videos from websites.

Everyone knows the classic Hangman game, where you have to guess the hidden word or phrase by guessing letters. If you’re wrong, you lose a limb and keep playing until you figure it out or run out of body parts! The classic Hangman game is perfect for kids, teens and even adults who want to improve their vocabulary. Learn how to make your own version of this fun word game with this beginner-friendly.

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Controls Press left mouse button to choose a word.

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